We do 24/7 Emergency Leak Repairs!

Please call us Day, night, holidays, or weekends if you need assistance: Eastside 503-221-7035 | Westside 503-636-6690

Don’t let a roof leak cause unnecessary damage. Call us and let us track it down expertly and quickly. We will repair it and fix it right the first time. Our technicians are experienced, skilled craftsmen in the industry. Call today. We guarantee your complete satisfaction.

One of our #1 cause of leaks is deteriorated pipe jacks.

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The rubber that dries out and cracks over time allows water a perfect entry point into your roof. We have years of experience and can fix these problems quickly and efficiently.


Other common causes of leaks is improper repair done. All our shakes are installed to code and are blind nailed. This way no exposed nails can become a potential leak and key ways are not lined up exposing the felt paper.

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Normal wear and tear can lead to leaks. Such as shakes that have worn thin and felt that has cracked and deteriorated.

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