Roof Cleaning

Our professional roof cleaning service can get rid of moss and blow away debris. Protecting your home is2013-09-17 13.17.01 our No. 1 concern – and the No. 1 cause of damage and leaks is moss. Our thorough and professional service can have your home looking like new again. You take pride in your home, and our service will make sure you have something to be proud of.

For roof cleaning, call 503-221-7035 Eastside, or 503-636-6690 Westside. We offer free estimates.

There are various methods that need to be used depending on the unique characteristics of your materials and the surrounding environment.

  • Moss – One of the most commons reasons for a full cleaning and treating.
  • Debris – This is hard to avoid and can be a precursor to moss.
  • Algae – Less common by itself, but often accompanies moss.
  • UV rays – Damages all types, but particularly cedar shake.
  • Deterioration – Cedar is subject to potential wood rot, even insect infestation.
  • Aesthetics – Either simply tired of an ugly roof (they can account for a major portion of the frontal view of your home) or in preparation to selling (increasing curb appeal.)

Moss, algae and fungus use the wood as a food source. Tree debris, such as leaves and fir needles, hold moisture, which over time causes dry rot in the keyways of the shakes. Once your house top has been pressure washed and treated by us, it can be maintained by annual air blowing to remove tree debris. There is no need to have to rewash when it has been treated properly.

Roof Cleaning Why is roof cleaning so important?
Not all roofs need to be pressure washed, and they should not be washed over and over. In many cases, we can simply remove debris using our high powered commercial air blowers.

When your roof cleaning project does involve pressure washing, we use a gentle, high-volume, low-pressure system – just one of many differences between us and our competitors. Cleaning and protecting this vital surface is a dangerous job. We do not recommend doing it yourself. A trained technician will be happy to do the difficult work for you.

If the moss and debris are not substantial but have reached the point where the surface is no longer aesthetically pleasing, a basic moss removal cleaning might be your best solution. This process simply entails gently brushing off any loose moss and debris, leaving it more pleasant to the eye. However if you have moss that has begun to grow heavily in some spots or in the grooves, a moss treatment will be recommended to ensure the small sprigs in the grooves will die.

We offer complete service for all types and pitches. Call us now for:

  • Professional pressure washing. We use high water volume and low water pressure to gently clean cedar shake, tile, and metal.
  • Thorough cleaning. We’ll remove all the moss, algae, and debris.
  • Complete service. We’ll also clean your gutters, downspouts, decks, and concrete.
  • Air blowing. We also maintain and clean with annual air blowing to remove fallen tree debris.

One common mistake among roof cleaning firms is that they treat all materials the same. Whether it is a composite, metal, cedar shake/shingle, or tile roof cleaning, they want to apply their “one solution fits all” practices to all types. This is a mistake that can shorten the life of the surface. We know that there are huge differences in how the various types need to be maintained.

So if moss, debris, and algae are invading your shingles or shake, we can eliminate them for you. Call us for a free inspection that will tell you exactly what is going on and what you need to do to make your home look great.

For expert roof moss removal and other roof services, call 503-221-7035 Eastside, or 503-636-6690 Westside. We offer free estimates.

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