Clean Roof Moss

Call us to clean roof moss from your house. Not only does this unsightly mess cause your home to look unattractive, but it’s unhealthy for you and your family. Although these organisms themselves do not cause damage to roofing materials, they trap water, which does accelerate wear and tear.

To have us clean roof moss, call 503-221-7035 Eastside, or 503-636-6690 Westside. We offer free estimates.

Because there is so much moisture in the air here in the Northwest, there is a greater need to clean roof moss from your house top. All of the dampness causes it to grow quickly. Not only is it an eyesore, but it can cut years off of the life of your roofing material. It is more economical to prevent the stuff from growing, rather than to let it grow and then kill it.

We clean roof moss by washing it off, which allows us to not only kill the moss on the surface, but also at the roots. Washing also preserves the integrity of your tiles or shingles at the same time. Scraping or pulling would cause damage. We offer complete service for all roof types and pitches. Our thorough service includes:

  • Professional pressure washing. We use high water volume and low water pressure to gently clean cedar shake, tile, and metal. Our system is safe for use around your children, pets, swimming pools and plants.
  • Thorough cleaning. We will get rid of all the moss, mold, algae, fungus, and debris.
  • Complete service. We will also clean gutters, downspouts, decks, and concrete.
  • Air blowing. We maintain and clean all surfaces and gutters with annual air blowing to get rid of fallen tree debris.
  • While anyone can spray water on your house, professional roof cleaning is more complicated. Not all roofing needs to be pressure-washed, and shouldn’t be washed over and over. In many cases, we can simply air-blow the debris off.

We use a low pressure system to clean roof moss. Since your roof is very expensive to replace, this prevents damage to tiles or shingles. This method not only effectively eliminates the mildew and fungus growth, but also kills the spores these plants grow from. By applying a chemical treatment, your house will look like new, and there will be no damage to tiles or shingles (which could occur with the use of high pressure washing methods). Once we use our system, it can be maintained by annual air blowing. There is no need to have to rewash because we have treated it.

Fungus holds moisture. It lifts shingles and draws moisture up underneath them. It causes water to back up, producing leaks. It clogs gutters and downspouts, and produces airborne spores. If the moss were knocked off, it would take shingle particles with it. You want our professional, careful service.

The best time for us to clean roof moss is after the plants have been dead for a few weeks. It can damage your shingles if you try to remove them while they are still alive. They will fall in your yard and may start growing there. Dead moss that is being eliminated from the shingles will break up into a powder and not harm the shingles. How soon you can eliminate it depends on how long it has been dead, the current weather, how big a hurry you are in, and how much rain and sun have hit the roof.

For expert roof moss removal and other roof services, call 503-221-7035 Eastside, or 503-636-6690 Westside. We offer free estimates.

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